Get HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA Compliant Telemedicine for Dietitians App at $25K+

2 years ago

People are concerned about their health like never before.

People do not prefer to visit hospitals or clinics amid coronavirus outbreak.

Here lies the business opportunity of telemedicine for dietitians!

This blog is a great help to seize this business opportunity.

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What is telemedicine for dietitians?

It is nothing but the remote delivery of dietitian services using telecommunication technologies such as voice calls and video calls.

In order to provide dietitian services online, the dietitian and his customer or patient both need to have important telehealth resources such as an uninterrupted internet connection, telehealth app/software, and mobile or computer devices such as a tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop.

Why should you not use third-party free video calling tools to provide online dietitian services?

You must have a question that why I should develop or deploy a dedicated telehealth or telemedicine dietitian app when there are many third-party free video calling apps available.

The following are the top reasons for simply avoiding free video calling tools.

Dedicated Telemedicine for Dietitians AppThird-Party Free Video Calling Apps
UsabilityIt is equipped with dedicated features that enable dietitians to provide in-house experience.It is a general-purpose app. Thus, it lacks dedicated features for dietitians.
Security or ComplianceIt is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant.Not all free video calling apps are HIPAA/PHIPA compliant.
WorkflowsSuch apps automate operations and streamline workflows.The only use of such apps is calling!
Customer/Patient ExperienceIt provides remarkable user experience as it is designed dedicatedly for patients or users looking for online dietitian services.Patients or users looking for online dietitian services find it difficult to have a nice user experience from a general-purpose calling app.
CostOur dedicated telehealth for dietitians app costs at $25000+. It lets you derive many financial benefits in terms of productivity, nice user experience and reduced errors.These apps are free or charge a nominal monthly fee. However, using such unsecured apps for healthcare practice can make you liable for the hefty fine from the government.

Who can provide online dietitian services and how?

  • Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition clinics can provide online dietitian services using telehealth for dietitians app to enhance customer delight, attract new customers, and reduce staff burden.

You can provide online dietitian services in two ways.

Way 1: Develop your own telemedicine for dietitians app and use it in your clinic or client’s clinic. You can also make it available publicly to make money out of it.

Way 2: Deploy some third-party telemedicine app with proper hardware installation.

  • Individual Dietitians

Individual dietitians can provide online dietitian services to offer remote, rapid and personalized counselling.

You can provide online dietitian services in three ways.

Way 1: Deploy some third party telehealth app or tool.

Way 2: Register yourself on some already available telehealth dietitian apps such as Maple.

Way 3: Develop your own app and provide online dietitian services to your users and make the app available publicly for other dietitians. (You can take a commission out of their earnings.)

  • Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can provide online dietitian services to make money!

You can provide online dietitian counselling services in a single way.

Way 1: Develop an online dietitian app and make it available publicly for other dietitians to register and offer online dietitian services to users.

How can we help nutrition clinics?

We help you,

  • To develop your own telemedicine app
  • To install and maintain telehealth hardware devices
  • To set up the wired or wireless network
  • To meet HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA regulations

How can we help individual dietitians?

We help you,

  • To develop your own dietitian telehealth app
  • To configure & deploy other dietitian telehealth app/tool at your clinic
  • To install and maintain telehealth hardware devices
  • To set up a wired & wireless network

How can we help entrepreneurs?

We help you,

  • To analyze the market and prepare a roadmap
  • To develop an MVP version of the dietitian app
  • To develop a full-fledged dietitian app
  • To build a strong user base
  • To meet healthcare compliance

Our white-label telemedicine for dietitians app costs $25K+

  • It is a HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant app.
  • It lets you make unlimited video/phone calls with no extra charges.
  • You can integrate your custom workflow into it.

The following are some screenshots of the app.

(Please note these are the screenshots of our generic version of the app (telemedicine for all doctors). Because the only difference in telehealth for dietitians is in icon or label names.

  • Landing Window:
  • Personalized Window:
  • Activity Window:

The following is its customized version.

Why is our white-label telehealth app for dietitians the game-changer?

Telehealth for dietitians is useful in many ways. The following are some of them.

Dietitian Advantages:

  • Using our telehealth app, dietitians can provide rapid and remote counselling to patients or customers and treat more patients in a given time.
  • Dietitians can keep track of patients very easily. They can even store and access crucial patient data very securely and effortlessly.
  • With an easy reach to patient data, dietitians can offer personalized counselling.
  • Using a telehealth app, dietitians can streamline workflows and reduce manual work which ultimately reduces the number of errors and increases productivity.

User Advantages:

  • Users can get instant access to registered dietitians from the comfort of their homes.
  • Users can easily track or monitor their diet plans.
  • Users can avoid direct contact with dietitians.
  • Users can get access to registered dietitians very affordably.

How can you make money out of the telemedicine app?

If you develop and deploy a telehealth app or tool for dietitians at your clinic, its operational benefits let you derive financial benefits in terms of productivity, nice user experience and reduced errors.

But if you develop a telemedicine app for dietitians and make it available publicly, you can make money in many direct ways.

One of the most popular dietitian apps - Maple - charges users in the following ways.

  • $99 for an initial 45-minute consultation
  • $65 for 30-minute follow-ups

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